Our Pantry

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we provide breakfast?
We don’t, but we have all the goodies here to survive the first morning – coffee, tea and milk, honey and jam, eggs and butter, local fruit of the year and whatever we can harvest in the garden.
Do we have an iron, a hair dryer, a first aid kit?
We have everything here to give you peace and quite and a comfortable time off. So yes, we have all this.
What about Wifi?
At the moment, we have to say ‘Sorry”. We are still waiting for NBN to arrive at our address. We’ll let you know, when we are fully wired.
How can we get the key?
We have a key safe (black and left to the entrance door). We will send you the code to this key safe a little closer to your arrival, after your booking has been processed.
What about meeting the owner?
We leave it to you, if you want to say Hello. We are closely, about very much respect your privacy in the shed.